Digamour® in the News:

Adult RPG breaks new boundaries:
For the first time ever, a realtime 3D adult RPG for the PC is now online! The game, entitled "Digamour" allow players to experience the life of a virtual cyber doll living in Paris in the year 2074.

This unique experience was brought to realization by one of the leaders of adult digital online entertainment, Somavision LLC., which has also released such titles as 3DPlaything, Somadoll, and Sex Station 7.

"Our goal always has been and will continue to be to combine the leading technology with great gameplay in a manner appealing to the subject", states lead designer Mike Huxley. In Digamour®  Somavision Studios takes their unique brand of computer entertainment to a new level by integrating RGP style game elements made popular by recent games like World of Warcraft.

It was an inevitable move forward to make the digital sex doll experience more involving and rewarding", says Huxley, "so many people have asked for a sex game which is actually a "game" and I think that this was lacking in this area until now." Only time will tell if Digamour® is what game players are looking for, but the as the game dictates, Your Dream. Our Reality.

-Anna Belkin
AP Press writer